Very pleased with the service Tim provides us.

5 Just Saab 8/13/2016

Awesome service thank you very much

4.5 Just Saab 8/12/2016

Very happy with the service provided

5 Just Saab 8/8/2016

The folks at Just Saab have been taking care of my 9-5 Sedan since I bought it there in 2002. They are always professional, incredibly nice and never recommend things that aren't necessary. I have found them to be very reliable. I highly recommend their service.

5 Just Saab 8/7/2016

Tim and the rest of the Service Department always treat me right. I'm on the verge of a family milestone in mileage in large part due to Just Saab.

5 Just Saab 8/7/2016

I had brought my 1999 95 in because of the engine light came on , long story short , they did fine a minor things wrong with the vapor expanstion tank , But like most places they found a slew of other things that could have been fixxed , , I will return and purchase a extra key , And I feel confident that all is a good as it can get with the car ,

3.5 Just Saab 8/4/2016

Very competent service was given. I however was dissapointed that the cost for the diagnostics was not free given that I had the repair done with you. Usually the cost for diagnostics is waived if the customer allows the repairs to be done.

4 Just Saab 8/1/2016

Great stuff. Keep doing what you're doing.

5 Just Saab 7/31/2016

Prompt attentive and professional service. Tim Hengle is very helpful and courteous to work with.

5 Just Saab 7/31/2016

Excellent service. I had my yearly service done on my two Saab on a back to back days. They worked with me to fit my busy schedule and the cars with both done quickly. They went the extra mile for me. I have had Saabs since 2008. This is the type of service that I have always received from them. I am appreciative of their extra effort on my behalf and for their outstanding, professional service, every time,

4.5 Just Saab 7/29/2016