Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Reasonably Priced service.

5 Just Saab 6/27/2016

Service performed efficiently and on time.

5 Just Saab 6/26/2016

As always, great service!

5 Just Saab 6/26/2016

Great service and attention to detail!

4.5 Just Saab 6/25/2016

Your article was exnlceelt and erudite.

3.5 Just Saab 3/19/2016

Excellent service! I bought my Saab from Just Saab and have returned to have it serviced there. Staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Nicely appointed customer waiting areas in a unique Saab/Swedish style. Though they have stopped selling new and used cars, their service department remains! Overall, highly recommended.

5 Just Saab 12/15/2015

Absolutley superb service. Been a customer since 1986 and owned 5 Saabs. Great advice, no unnecessary things done to cars, and trust them 110%. Call them and try their service. You will never change!

5 Just Saab 12/5/2015

Had a recall for my 09' 97x & was concerned going in that I'd have to fork out a heavy sum. Not only did I not drop a dime, but they had it done in less than a day & cleaned my vehicle inside & out. Very professional & if you own a Saab I'd highly suggest working with them.

5 Just Saab 12/5/2015

Excellent Service!

5 Just Saab 12/15/2014

I grew up down the street from Saab North America when it was in Orange, CT and Saabs and dealers where numerous. When I moved to Ohio and bought my 1st Saab almost 10 years ago from Just Saab in Fairfield, it was an eye opening experience. The level of customer service was amazing. Joey was great and running into him around town at events, he always knew me and was a great ambassador from the brand. Since that time I have bought two other saab's from Just Saab (both Dayton and Cincinnati). Service is always good and fair. I recommend to anyone that has a Saab to bring it to Just Saab. Recently I had a need to replace an older jeep that had died, called Joey to see what older cars they had. He pointed me to AJ in Cincinnati and I found a great 9-5 that had just come in a deal was done. In my 20 years of buying all brands of cars, Just Saab has been a main fatctor in making me believe in the brand.

5 Just Saab 12/15/2012