This was my first time at Just Saab and I was impressed by the customer service. Tim and his team took the time to listen to my concerns, took good notes and performed the service effectively and efficiently. The team is very knowledgeable and they notified me about the other areas that need attention. If you own a Saab, this is the place to go.

5 Just Saab 11/17/2017

Greatest Service for automobiles in Cincinnati. My hat is off to Tim and his excellent crew.

5 Just Saab 11/7/2017

Tim always takes care of me. Great service

5 Just Saab 11/4/2017

Usual good service!!

5 Just Saab 11/3/2017

Repairs were performed quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost. My vehicle was thoroughly inspected and I was notified of other areas needing attention which I appreciate and will address at a later date. Very easy and comfortable to work with.

4.5 Just Saab 10/20/2017

There is no way I would take my vehicle anywhere else. Tim, and the rest of the Just Saab team are spectacular. You guys rock.

5 Just Saab 10/20/2017

Excellent work. Fast, responsive and right the first time!

5 Just Saab 10/14/2017

Perfect as usual.

5 Just Saab 10/5/2017

Just Saab executed the GM Takata airbag recall precisely as scheduled. They met and then exceeded my expectations by providing a comprehensive diagnostic analysis that I didn't expect. I'd only been there once before, but I expect to come back ... even though they are over an hour's drive from home.

5 Just Saab 10/4/2017

Service coordination was superb. Everything explained. Extra stuff was needed and got a call about that work. These folks know their stuff and really look over my car like it was their own!

5 Just Saab 10/3/2017